Doanh nghiệp Mỹ (Kryptowire) tìm đối tác tại Việt Nam

Kryptowire (Tyson Corners, Virginia, USA)

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  • Products: Kryptowires develops a software/platform that scans mobile apps, mobile devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices for security, privacy, and compliance issues – including NIAP, OWASP, and GDPR. 
  • How Kryptowire's software benefits their clients: Kryptowire’s technology helps clients protect sensitive government information, corporate intellectual property, and personally identifiable information from nation-state actors, criminal organizations, and rogue hackers. Their cloud-based solution allows security professionals and software developers to automatically scan any Android or iOS mobile app or IoT device for security while reducing costly manual analysis time from weeks to minutes. Mobile application developers also benefit from Kryptowire's technology since it allows them to produce secure code that meets government and industry security and privacy standards. 
  • Kryptowire's Customers and Partners: Kryptowire works with government customers in the US, Asia and Europe. Their commercial clients include Fortune 2000 companies. Kryptowire is particularly strong in the finance & banking and health care sectors for security and compliance issues; in telecommunications and entertainment sectors for privacy and security concerns; and with software developers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for intellectual property and security issues. Kryptowire partners with the world’s leading mobile and IoT technology companies, including BlackBerry, IBM Security, MobileIron, Qualcomm, RedHat, and VMware.  
  • Partnership Model: Kryptowire licenses their mobile security technology to the end-customer. The company partners with local technology companies to help them provide professional services and support to these customers. 
  • Kryptowire in Asia: Kryptowire is committed to expanding to Asia. In Taiwan, Kryptowire has partnered with the leading reseller, Galaxy Software Services Corp., as well as the world-renowned hardware company, Asus. 

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